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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

ATLS is actually a beneficial 20-items scale comprising two scales, attitudes on the lesbians (ATL) and you can homosexual people (ATG)

ATLS is actually a beneficial 20-items scale comprising two scales, attitudes on the lesbians (ATL) and you can homosexual people (ATG)

This research belongs to a greater little bit of search towards category connections and you will related thinking into other personal groups. All the members was checked out immediately following giving the agree on paper. Participants have been assured anonymity to do a collection of papers-and-pen forms into the ATLG steps directly. Volunteers obtained extra credit issues due to their way grade. The brand new moral criteria of your Chilean Look Commission (CONICYT) was in fact observed.

Likewise, political care about-categorization (inquiring in the governmental choices coded on around three classes: remaining, cardiovascular system and you will correct) and you may intimate positioning was in fact incorporated

Users replied group inquiries to check ATLG validity: sex, age, socioeconomic condition (large, middle and you will low levels were used), and you will faith identity due to care about-revealing for the answer to issue “Do you think oneself a religious people?” Simultaneously, good 4-item measure size into an effective 6-section Likert scale regarding your importance users give the religious info inside their everyday lifetime was used.

It was developed in Northern America. ATLG is measured on a 6-point Likert scale. The instrument was translated and adapted (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008) (see the Appendix). The ATLG Spanish language version in this study had not been used with Chilean populations before. The Cronbach’s alpha was 0.94 for ATLG; 0.88 for ATL; and 0.91 for ATG (The ATLG and the two subscales demonstrated good internal consistence for this sample. The correlation for the two subscales is high (r (503) = 0.84; p < 0.001). ATLG overall mean was 3.52 (SD = 0.75).

Large (alongside six) results showed higher prejudice, and you will reduced score advertised favorable attitudes for the homosexuals

A portion of the objective would be to determine http://www.datingranking.net/de/dating-uber-60/ the root ATLG grounds build. Thus, about three foundation patterns was indeed projected: a-one-grounds design (ATLG includes just one homophobia reason behind and that all the issues saturate); a-two-grounds correlated model (a couple of size comprised by ATL and ATG subscales whoever circumstances will be saturate on the relevant foundation are advised) another purchase design which have two correlated issues (in which ATG subscale items would saturate in 2 size – homosexual Opinions and you can Nature – and people of your own ATL measure would saturate regarding the almost every other three – lesbian Antique Values, and you may Public Sanction and Personal Liberties). These types of five dimensions was basically extracted from analyses done in early in the day training (Cardenas Barrientos, 2008).

Overall, this new fit is the most suitable when design facts is actually enhanced. Ergo, both-foundation second-order design is considered the most parsimonious for everyone spiders gotten. CFI (Comparative Improve Directory) and you can NFI (Normal Complement List) indexes show viewpoints more than 0.9, them regarded as decent (Bentler Dudgeon, 1996). RFI (Cousin Develop Index) worth approaches 0.nine, particularly in the 5-foundation design. Concurrently, RMSEA (Root Mean-square Mistake regarding Approximation) list is tall which have viewpoints below 0.08 (Browne Kudeck, 1993), for this reason guaranteeing the best fit of four-factor design.

Table 3 also shows the factor saturations for each of the five sub-scales model items. All standardized saturations were significant (p < 0.001). All of the 20 items of the standardized solution loaded on the general grouping factor in the expected direction. The relation between the five latent factors is as follows (covariance): the dimension Social Rights has a high positive correlation with the factor Nature (r = 0.6); moderate positive with both Social Rights (r = 0.43) and Social Sanction (r = 0.038); and high positive with Traditional Values (r = 0.74). The dimension Nature is moderately and positively correlated with Social Rights (r = 0.32) and Social Sanction (r = 0.35), but highly and positively correlated with Traditional Values (r = 0.61). The relation of the dimension Social Rights with Social Sanction (r = 0.31) and Traditional Values (r = 0.37) is moderate high. Finally, the relation between Traditional Values and Social Sanction is moderate positive (r = 0.43).

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